Comprehensive laboratory projects

We optimize; you innovate.

Let’s work together with a common goal: that the creation of your next laboratory becomes a milestone of growth and development for your company.

Lab Planning

Our Know How incorporates all the knowledge we have acquired for more than a decade planning laboratories: “Each laboratory project requires solutions adapted to the work that will be developed there, the characteristics of the available space, the requirements and policies of the company and the conditioning factors economic and environmental “.

That is why we listen carefully to the needs that arise and analyse them as deeply as possible. This starting point and our total commitment to your goals are the keys for an optimal project.

Having us as an external team of LAB PLANNING gives you:

  • Anticipation, foresight and global control with an experienced and realistic vision of the times and phases of the project.
  • Planning and optimization of the space and all its technical, normative and ergonomic aspects.
  • Specialized advice on the choice of materials and contracting suppliers.
  • Support and continuous support during the planning and monitoring of the execution of the project.
  • Support and monitoring throughout the certification phase.

Lab Building

We proactively attend to all your requirements and deliver an optimized and fully operational laboratory.

We create safe, ergonomic, ecological and modern spaces, through a comprehensive contracting service that covers all the chapters of the laboratory project:

  • Civil work.
  • Air conditioning.
  • Ventilation.
  • Electricity and lighting.
  • Laboratory furniture.
  • Plumbing.
  • Accessories.

We agree deadlines in an objective and meticulous manner.. We work with different suppliers, without exclusivity contracts and we are always attentive to new technological opportunities. Only in this way, we can mplement the laboratory you need optimal conditions of time, investment and sustainability.

Our integral service of LAB BUILDING gives you:

  • Functional and efficient use of all facilities and possibilities.
  • Solutions designed for short, medium and long term satisfaction.
  • Rigorous control of suppliers and delivery times.
  • Peace of mind and time to continue developing your activity: we incorporate a project manager that deals with all phases of planning and implementation.
  • Verifications, maintenance and repairs included in after-sales services.


We train your professionals with tailor-made programs designed on the trends of the sector and your needs to improve and grow.

Lean Management Training Programs: Fundaments Lean Management, Lean Office, Lean Service, Lean Quality, Lean Logistic, Lean Six Sigma, Lean Product Development, Value Stream Mapping, Kanban-Flow Creation, Pull Flow System, 5 S’s and Visual Management, TPM, SMED, PDCA, Quality Tools, Six Sigma, Team Building.

Programs-Master of Operations Management: Purchasing, Quality, Logistics, Production, Distribution, Services, Finances / Administration, Ergonomics and PRL.

Factory Open Workshops: Visits that are successfully applying Lead Management techniques.

Continuous improvement activities: Experiences and synergies in companies experienced in Lean Management. Lean Management seminars, conferences and seminars. Specific by sectors, suitable in technology centers, professional associations, universities and business associations.

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