Barcelona, Spain

Quality Control Laboratory, Sant Fost de Campsentelles


Quality Control Laboratory, Chemical Sector
m²: 250.
Year: (2017)
Engineering services, Lab Planning of the HVAC facilities, electricity, civil construction works and Lab furniture, all the needed chapters, for the refurbishment of the laboratory of the URQUIMASA plant in Sant Fost de Campsentelles.
Construction management services for the new laboratory (250 m2) of the Sant Fost de Campsentelles plant (URQUIMASA), where the correct superposition of the air conditioning, electricity, civil works, plumbing and laboratory furniture installations with their associated installations, were critical to have facilities in line with the level of demand of the sector. Execution time 3 months.
The limitation of the available height and the age of the building, as well as its geometry, were not an impediment to achieving the deadlines and qualities.